Tuesday, May 12, 2009


it's almost 2 month SUPER JUNIOR (SUJU) made their comeback and i didn't write anything about it!
i am sooooo sorry!! T.T

They made the
ir comeback at 13 March 2009 (correct me if i'm wrong!).
Their album entitled Sorry, Sorry and the song that had been chosen as the first single is Sorry, Sorry. That song was incredibly awesome and hot! ^^

Their image also had a bit difference from before. Just look at the picture above and you'll know! LOL!

Their album have 12 songs which are:
1. Sorry, Sorry
2. Why I Like You
3. Let's Not
4. Angela
5. Reset
6. Monster
7. What If
8. Heartquake
9. Club No. 1
10. Happy Together
11. Dead At Heart
12. Shining Star

All of their songs are catchy and their album is worth buying! ^^

I'll come back with another update about SUJU cuz they already have their second single, It's U and their MV already out yesterday! YUMMY, YUMMY!! ^^

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh My Gosh! It's HOLS!!!!

Oh-Kay, it's quite a long time i didn't manage my blog well... miahne!
But, since now i'm in a long holidays, i determined to post something here.. yeah, at least my followers have something to read! (eventhough i didn't have any) LOL!

I'm going to talk about how i feels when people talked about friends.
I aware that i didn't have much friends.. a good friends!
Well.. i DO have when in school, i still remember them (yeah, i'm talking about YOU. :) hope u know that u r still my bestfriends)
And im TOTALLY aware im not a good friend!
Because i didn't spend more time with them.
I feel sorry for them everytime they asked me to go out, i refused to go.
Im gonna say this again, "I have no MONEY." That was important thing to have if we wanna go out, rite?
So, please understand me...
I LURRVEE to go out with you guys, but i'm poor...

That's the end of my SAD STORY....

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wonder Why??

wonder y i choose this layout??

i wanna get married now!!!




after waiting for a long time, probably almost a year without a new songs, finally GIRLS' GENERATION release their new mini album, GEE!

just look at their image, we can already know what is their genre!

i just love their new songs!

new addict : GEE!!
Gee, gee, gee, gee, baby baby baby! haha....

Their mini album consists of 5 songs :
Himnae (Way To Go)
Dear Mom
Lets Talk About Love

Check out their new MV, here :

Enjoy ur day!!


Annyeong haseyo!

I'm newbie! well, just thinking to have a blog... LOL!
I'm not a blabber-mouth person, so dunno how to post something.. miahne!

So, as u can read, I'm Super Generation...
For k-Pop fans, maybe they can guess... :P
yeah, it's all about Super Junior and Girls Generation! hahas!
i just lurrrrve them!
but, i like other k-pop stars too! :)

wish u a happy day!
Ja matta!